Whenever individuals live together, discipline is necessary and, this is especially true of an educational institution. This discipline is formative, not repressive. It leads the students to develop self control, which is the essence of a well ordered and successful life.

1. The medium of instruction and expression is English. To promote speaking English the students are awarded with marks/grades through internal assessment. Every student is responsible to help others to speak English. Imposing fines and other measures are intended to motivate the students to learn the language.
2. Pupils should attend the school regularly. They must reach the school at least ten minutes before the assembly. Late comers may not be allowed to attend one Period of the day.
3. All the students must have the text books and the stationery required for their respective classes. Sharp-edged instruments, valuables, periodicals etc. should not be brought to the school.
4. The school reserves the right to dismiss a student whose diligence or progress in studies is steadily unsatisfactory or whose conduct is harmful to other students. Irregular attendance, habitual idleness, non-observance of the disciplinary rules and regulations of the school, grave insubordination, contempt of authority or disrespect towards the members of the staff and immoral behavior etc. are some of the reasons for immediate dismissal.
5. Any kind of damage done to the school property must be compensated at the expense of the offender along with the fine that may be imposed.
6. The tendency of the students to go for private tuition is discouraged since it reduces their self confidence and initiative. In case of necessity, parents may in consultation with the Principal, arrange for remedial classes for their ward.
7. The students are expected to take active participation in the co-curricular activities, educational tours, picnics etc. arranged by the school. No exemption may be granted to any student unless in case of illness or such genuine case. No student will be exempted from PT or games unless he/she produces a doctor's certificate.
8. Every student should bring the school diary daily. Any information or request conveyed to the parents/guardians through the diary by the Principal/Teachers should be complied with and acknowledged.
9. Students who do not possess a valid driving license are not allowed to bring Motor Vehicles to the school campus.
10. Students should respect the school authorities and the teachers. They should be gentle and polite to the elders, companions and others.
11. No student shall be allowed to go out or to be taken out of the school compound without obtaining the 'out pass' from the Principal. The out pass shall not be issued unless the Principal is satisfied with the genuineness of the matter.
12. All money matters should be dealt with the office.
13. Cleanliness of person and dress is expected of every student. The school uniform must be clean, without any type of decorations. Students coming to the school with untidy dress, hair etc. will be refused admission to the class.
14. Students themselves will be responsible for their own belongings. The school will not entertain any claim for the loss of money, clothes, watches, ornaments etc. It is advised to mark the name on all his/her belongings.
15. The section/house of a student is altered as and when required, at the discretion of the school authorities and request for a particular section/house will not be entertained.
16. Conveyance of the children is fully the responsibility of parents. The school shall neither entertain any complaint on this matter nor be responsible for it in any way.
17. Use of mobile phones in the school premises is strictly prohibited.
18. Attendance at all co - curricular and extracurricular activities, national and other important celebrations such as Independence Day, Republic Day, teachers Day, Sports Day are compulsory for all the students. Disciplinary action will be taken against defaulters.
19. All students should show themselves decent, courteous, polite and exemplary all times while they are in the school or outside. Any objectionable conduct inside the school on the part of the pupils will render them liable to disciplinary action.
20. All letters and correspondence addressed to pupils may be scrutinized by the Principal.
21. Students are strictly forbidden to use any vehicle other than bicycle. Cycles must be kept locked and must be only at the cycle stand. No Vehicle should be driven in the school campus.
22. Pupils are not permitted to attend parties, go for movies or go to friend's house on their way back home from the school.
23. Students will not be allowed to answer phone calls during class hours.
24. No money collection for any purpose shall be made and no meeting or party shall be held in the school premises without the permission of the Manager. Presents to the members of the staff or any gathering in their honour also requires the prior sanction of the management.
25. Nothing should be lent or borrowed or should any articles exchanged among the students.
26. No student should enter the class rooms other than his/her own without permission.