Little Flower Convent School, Zira is an undertaking of Little Flower Religious and Charitable Society, Muktsar; a registered charitable society under the management of Khrist Jyoti Province (Punjab -Rajasthan) of the Little Flower Congregation. Little Flower Congregation is a catholic Society which undertakes Educational and charitable activities in Rajasthan, Punjab, UP, Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and in various other parts of the world. The objectives of the society are to establish, construct, support and develop education and charitable activities through its branches

Course, curriculum and medium

Little Flower Convent School is an English Medium school affiliated to ICSE, New Delhi. The school provides a broad based foundation in the basic knowledge and skills and endeavors to maintain the highest standards in academic attainment and scholarship.

Co-curricular activities

Properly organized and regulated co - curricular activities are just as much a part of sound education as studies. It is chiefly through these activities that the various facets of a child's personality are revealed and that such qualities as team spirit, self-confidence, Sportsmanship, initiatives and the proper use of leisure are developed. Mere accumulation of knowledge is not enough in the life of a student. Some of the co-curricular activities encouraged are public speaking, drama clubs, social service, Drawing, painting, dancing, singing, games, PT., athletics, excursion, educational films, Exhibitions, wall magazine, other competitions etc